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Dainty Living

Beauty of Life; the exhilaration of being in Love; the pleasure of Travel; and the delectation of good Food

Dainty Living is a personal blog created in 2013. 

It aims to create fascinating journals about travel experiences, expressions of emotions, events, life realisations and critics on food. It has the aspiration to inspire, motivate and encourage its readers about the beauty of life and as well as to share writer’s thoughts on certain notions and feelings.


Dainty Living yearns to inspire and embolden people to appreciate simple blessings in life and to help others express how they feel through poetry, through stories and through journals.

Welcome to Dainty Living

Hello my dear readers, How are you? I couldn’t contain my happiness as I try to set up my new blog site. I always wanted to have my own....

Hello Kitty Studio at Universal Studios Singapore

Whenever I have friends visiting Singapore, I will always suggest to have a tour with them at Universal Studios Singapore. I don’t mind...

The Best Pre-Wedding Video

I know I am too biased describing our very own pre-wedding video as the best. But, I believe, the best ones are always the ones created...

How I lost 10 Kilos

A lot of people are telling me that I have lost so much weight and somehow I feel elated because it’s actually my goal to shed some...

Best Lava Cake in Cebu

Chocolate Lava Cakes have captured the hearts of many as it satisfy one’s craving for a perfect chocolate cake. This popular dessert...

Temple of Leah – a Testament of Love

Temple of Leah is the newest tourist attraction in the Cebu, Philippines. This impressive sight is a lofty structure with overlooking...

LA LA LAND: An Inspiring Film

Have you seen the movie La La Land? Starred by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling? Well, this write up will be about my realizations after...

My Short Trip to Thailand

Situated at the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand is known for its popular beaches, royal palaces, temples and vast beautiful terrains....

Universal Studios Singapore

Singapore is an excellent place for you, your family and friends to have a vacation. There are a lot of tourist destinations that you can...

Do you remember anything when it rains?

It has been a while since I stayed in our patio and watched the rain slowly pouring down. It has been a while since I sat there and felt...


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