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McDonald's D24 Durian McFlurry released in Singapore

If you have been around Singapore for the past few weeks, one thing you'll notice is that there are Durian all over the place. Durian seemed to be the selling point to most of fruit stalls at this time. And you can also see, that even though there are a lot of stalls that sells Durian, each store have people queuing up just to buy this King of Fruits.

The main Durian Season in Singapore is from June or July and lasts until September. Which makes now as the perfect time for you to have Durian Makan Sessions with your friends and family.

As this fruit dominates all over Singapore for months now, there are also a lot of Durian flavoured products sold in most stores. One of it is McDonald's D24 Durian McFlurry!

Yes! You read it right! McDonald's released this limited edition of McFlurry on July 3. This will totally satisfy your craving for a tasty Durian Ice Cream. It doesn't taste artificial and there is this delectable taste and texture of a real Durian. And what is my take on this? IT IS GREAT!

It does not have this pungent smell (or if there is, it is not that strong). The Durian mixed perfectly with the flurry; it appetizing and creamy! Aside from the reason that I really love Durian - this Mcflurry tastes like heaven!

You should go and grab your cup too only at S$4. Let me know if you enjoyed yours!


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