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Inday Michiko participates in Singapore's Cosfest 2018

Inday Michiko rocks again in Singapore as it participated in the fun and longest running cosplay convention in Singapore - the Cosfest! This year's convention was themed as Cosfest Reunite which took place at D'Marquee, 1 Pasir Ris Close, Downtown East, Singapore on July 7-8, 2018.

The latest edition of Inday Michiko stickers were showcased at the event which include various designs of key-chains and magnets.

Inday Michiko's Booth at Cosfest 2018

The support from Singapore fans was overwhelming. People came to buy almost all designs of stickers and magnets during the event.

For every purchase of a sticker, one can get an EZ link card sticker (Inday Michiko Special Edition) for free!

Inday Michiko Magnets

There were performances in the Cosfest event such as Cosplayers dancing and singing Anime Songs. Performers include Cosplayers from Indonesia, Taiwan and Philippines. There were amusing games too!

A great number of Cosplayers enliven the event. You can even see a lot of Cosplayers outside the venue.

Outside D'Marquee

Cosfest 2018 was indeed a time for Cosplayers and participants to mingle and reunite with old friends. Exhibitors, photographers and performers gather together to celebrate this fun convention.

Other exhibitors include Warner TV, Cosfest SEA, Tomodachi Thailand, Otaku Tachi, Kosé Cosmeport/Cezanne/Canmake, Lunaniere, Pan-In-The-Box, Samara Sketch and Tea & Buns.

This is Inday Michiko's 2nd event in Singapore. The first event was the Doujin Market (Doujima) - which is "Singapore’s fastest growing arts exhibition by independent creators, designers and illustrators in Singapore's doujin scene."

As it totally looks Kawaii, more and more fans check out Inday Michiko events and their products online.

For more updates, please visit their Official Facebook Page @IndayMichiko and their online shop at


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