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LA LA LAND: An Inspiring Film

Have you seen the movie La La Land? Starred by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling? Well, this write up will be about my realizations after watching this drama and romance film. I have not given any film reviews and I believe that it would not qualify me nor this blog entry to hit the news, nor gain so much shares on Facebook.

But, why am I writing this? It is to remind you and me, about our dreams.

Romantic, too idealistic. But reaching our dreams would make life so wonderful.

Do you remember when you were young, perhaps in middle school — they’d ask you what do you want to be 10 years from now? You could have given the best profession you knew as your answer, a guess or even just anything just to fill up that question from the teacher.

Now that you have grown, have you thought about your dreams again? Have you reminded yourself on what you really want to achieve in life?

Grow in faith. Happy in love. Good relationship with the family. Friends. Good health. Profession. Business. Careers. So on, and so forth.

There’s so much to think about. But, have you consistently done something every day to reach your dreams?

La La Land is a spectacular movie. It reminded me on my personal aspirations. It somehow helped me draw inspiration to be consistent and persistent in reaching my goals.

The movie tells a story of a couple who were drawn together because of their passion and love of their work.

I won’t be talking much about their love story. I will be talking about how inspiring their characters are. They were definite about their desires. They know what they love to do. They were consistent on taking each step and chance to make it big. There were times that they almost gave up, but in the end, they succeeded.

You would understand why they succeeded was because of what they were doing.

Mia (Emma Stone) acts the one woman show she wrote. She started with having a few audience. Got so much rejection. Experienced performing wholeheartedly and yet the judges did not pay attention to her effort. She started at the bottom.

She almost quit. But she continued to pursue what she loves. She succeeded.

Same goes for Sebastian (Ryan Gosling). He is so in love with Jazz. He has a great talent. So much passion for music. But it doesn’t pay him well in the beginning. He continued to play. He never stopped. He used his talent, played from his heart. He fulfilled his dream.

How about you? People say we have a crisis in our lives wherein we do not know what steps to make, how to move on, and what plans to take. However, if you would really go into your heart, think thoroughly, and listen — you would know what you really love to do.

We are often caught up with our jobs. “Because it pays well,” thus we gave more time to it. Some have given so much time to work, but no time to build the dreams.

What do I mean by this?

Apart from what you are doing now, do you also dream of making it big?Or be part of something great?

Sounds impossible? Nah. It is possible! Each one of us can make it big. Career and business.

We need to keep that inspiration in our hearts. We need to make use of our talents. Make use of our time. Invest. Keep striving. And if failure comes, stand up and move forward.

This is what I saw in the film La La Land. We should be persistent in reaching our dreams.

Have you thought of it too after watching the film? If not, give yourself some quiet time and think of what you really love. Think how you are going to do it. Think what you can start doing today to achieve it. And remember, give time for it everyday.

If you haven’t watched, I suggest you should. Then you’ll understand why my title goes like this: La La Land. An inspiring film.


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