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5 Tips on How to Move House Efficiently

Moving to a new place can be very nerve-racking particularly if you have not made significant preparations. There are too many things to take into account - Is your new place big enough to house your current possessions? Do you need to bring along all of your current furniture and appliances? Would you like to do some Marie Kondo tips and bring only the stuff that sparks joy?

Well, if you want to move efficiently without stressing out so much, let me give you these 5 easy steps that worked for us when we moved into our new flat.

1. Pack only those that spark Joy <3

Yes! Marie Kondo is right. Bring only the things that spark joy. This means, these are the stuff that you like and are essential to your new place. But how do you define these things?

You can filter out by asking, do I need this? Do I have to bring all of these clothes when I know I wouldn't even wear 50% of them? Do I need a lot of bags? What do I do with so many shoes? Perhaps these questions will help enlighten your mind in selecting which ones will you be bringing.

Living in a home with more space is relaxing. It gives you fulfillment. It gives you peace of mind. It also clears away your day-time stress. Always keep in mind these good reasons when you pack. This is the key to achieve a better way of living when you move to your new home. Remember, you have to let go to start something new.

2. Take photos of your new home

When you visit your new place, take as many photos as you can. So when you go back home, you can decide, perceive and visualize how to settle things when you move. This is essential and can save you so much time.

Since you have seen your future new home, decide whether your current furniture is still needed. Take those that save space. You don't need to bring everything. Remember, a good change is not bad at all!

For instance, you can work on a laptop instead of a desktop, as long as you feel comfortable and it makes the place conducive for your projects and work.

3. Schedule everything

It pays a lot to adequately plan for your move. It organizes your trip and gives you a smooth transition from your old home to your new crib. Your schedule must answer these few questions - When do you plan to move? When will you buy your new stuff? When are you planning to discard the things that you don't need? When are you packing? When are you settling your dues?

Once you have a clear schedule and you are done with your chores, it is your go signal that you are ready to move.

4. Manage your expenses

Moving in can cost you a lot of money, especially if you do not manage well your finances. The tip here is that, when you move, do your best that there will be no significant change in your expenses. This means if you spend on transportation, find other ways to lessen other expenses, for example, cut away from your "dining out" budget. Or, you can also try selling off the old furniture or appliances that you no longer need.

5. Pack your bags and label them in numbers

This is one of the best things we learned when we move. It was uncomplicated because we all labeled our furniture, luggage, boxes, and bags with numbers.

There are two good reasons here - 1) You know how many bags, furniture/appliances you have in total and you can easily track them; 2) you'll easily identify the items inside the bags/luggage.

Always imagine your new home to be peaceful and organized. Keep in mind that having a spacious and neat house can bring out the best in you. It will help improve your living. You will have a better relationship too at home!

Remember these wishes when you pack, so you are always reminded about your goals.

Good luck with your moving house journey! Let me know how these steps helped you!


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