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5 Reasons Why Jasmine is our Modern Princess

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

I just can't get enough of the new live-action movie, Aladdin. Although we already know the story and how it ends, there are still a lot of things that will surprise you in this movie! (This is your cue to watch it if you haven't yet!) This includes how they portrayed the Disney Princess Jasmine. And because of all the strong and exceptional qualities, I believe she is our modern princess in this century.

Here are the reasons why:


1) She knows what she is destined to be from the beginning

Knowing your goals or destiny may be quite a challenge to many. People often need time for exploration and reflection just to keep their minds clear to the vision on what they want.

However, Princess Jasmine always believed on what she is destined to be. She never doubted herself and she has trained so hard for it. She fought for what she believes to be her destiny - to lead Agrabah as their Sultan.

Being a Sultan necessitates other qualities and responsibilities. She has set her mind to work for it in order to be the best in fulfilling the tasks as a Sultan. 

2) She is inquisitive

She is not afraid to ask questions. She is not anxious to clarify things in order to let others understand her point. And she was not in doubt to ask questions to prove she is right.

Remember how she asked about Abu to Prince Ali just to catch Aladdin about his identity? How she asked him to show which part of the map is he from? And on how she asked why he needs to give so much gifts on his way to their palace? These are just some of the questions she throws which prove that she is smart. She is observant and she thinks deeply. You can find more on the film!

3) She speaks her mind

She did not go speechless no matter how many times people around her say that she is better off without saying a word. She speaks her mind and on what she believes is right. She was not intimidated and she did not keep quiet when people shut her down.

Often, women with great talents and skills can find themselves being shut down by people who don't even have the proficiency as much as they do. These people are the incompetent ones which sometimes are in the position but doesn't have the corresponding experience, knowledge, training and skills. When people shut you down by their pointless opinions, do not let them ruin you. You have the talents and skills - continue nourishing it and fight for what you deserve. Don't let others step on you. Don't let others underestimate you. You can shine bright and you can reach your goal no matter what.

4) She loves her father

Despite what her father has already "planned" for her, she still shows love and respect towards her father. She finds a better way to prove that she is indeed the rightful person to be Agrabah's Sultan.

She has a heart that understands and loves - an important trait every leader must have.

5) She is sexy without showing off some skin

One of the best things I love about the live-action film Aladdin is that Princess Jasmine is sexy without showing off some skin. I love how they portray her to be smart, inquisitive, strong, determined and loving - which for me makes a woman sexier than just by wearing showy clothes.

I hope you get inspired by her character as much as I do. We are the women of today and we are destined to do greater things. Be the Princess Jasmine on your own. Be your own Sultan!


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