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Garmin: The Performance Series Singapore 2018 (Race 3)

For a first timer like me, finishing a 10k run is like winning the first place in any competition. It feels overwhelming and rewarding. Although it was also a great challenge for me, it's a refreshing and gratifying way to enjoy my day.

The event was successfully organized. I'd say, I was impressed.

This was actually my first fun run with my husband. It took us years to do this! I always wanted to join, but we always miss to do the registration early. And now, finally, we did!

The run was held at Bedok Reservoir on 5th of August 2018. This was the Sunday before the National Day in Singapore. Bedok Reservoir is a perfect place for you to run. You get to see a beautiful view and you'd feel the cold breeze while finishing the course. Although there was a point that you must run uphill, it was still all worth it. That elevation was a bit high though but that picturesque spot has the best view of Bedok Reservoir.

We ran together with our friends, who were - by the way, fast runners.

There were a lot of participants in the Garmin: The Performance Series Race 3. The competitive race started at 7:00 am followed by the non-competitive run at 7.30 am. For about 2 hours, most of the participants already finished the race. I’d say they were all good at it. I was trying my best to keep up, but I guess, I still need more practice!

I nearly finished my 10k run within 2 hours (just 2 minutes earlier). My friends got it for about an hour and a half only. I really wanted to learn that pace too! So, I am not giving up.

Although it was my first time to run in a 10k non-competitive race, I won’t deny that the event left me a good impression. And because of that, I will be signing up for the 4th race of Garmin: The Performance Series which will be on October 14, 2018 at East Coast Park.

You can register online at

See you there!


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