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The Best Pre-Wedding Video

I know I am too biased describing our very own pre-wedding video as the best. But, I believe, the best ones are always the ones created by you! Do not let anyone tell you that your work isn’t good enough to make it big. Yes, we also need to learn from others, but, do not let them put off the fire in your heart.

I have been very busy the past months because of the preparations for our wedding. I even prepared some video and short write ups about my journey, but I even haven’t compiled them yet (I will, soon - maybe!). We are both so excited! Also so are our family and friends! All I can think of is that, our wedding day will be a very happy day. Although I have been falling sick lately, but I still feel elated whenever I think about our wedding.

This pre-wedding video was shot in Singapore which was directed and edited by my soon-to-be husband, Pawlo Pascual. He has always been known for his talent and dedication.

Here’s our lovely pre-wedding video, enjoy!

Vicky and Pawlo Pre Wedding Video (Vicky De Guzman and Pawlo Pascual)


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