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Best Lava Cake in Cebu

Updated: May 12, 2020

Chocolate Lava Cakes have captured the hearts of many as it satisfy one’s craving for a perfect chocolate cake. This popular dessert isn’t ordinary, it’s rather special because of its mouth-watering liquid chocolate centre. Often called as Molten Chocolate Cake, I gave in to curiosity and tried one at a pastry shop in Cebu. This experience has far exceeded by expectations.

We went to Lava by Fudge in AS Fortuna, Cebu (888 A.S. Fortuna Street, Canilad Cebu). They are open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. This restaurant also has branches in SM City Cebu, SM Seaside Cebu, and Ayala Mall. I have been seeing their shops before but I never had time to check it out. Finally, me and my sister decided to try their Lava Cake and set a schedule to visit their shop. They have pretty inexpensive menu and their desserts looked so enticing and luscious. The place was nicely embellished too.

They have this Snack Size Promo every weekdays from 2:00 – 5:00 in the afternoon. We weren’t able to avail that because we came on a weekend!

So before we can get our dessert, we first had our lunch. We ordered their pork steak and chicken kiev.

Grilled Prok Steak Price: ₱330.00

As you can see, they have big steak! The taste is awesome! The meat is so tender and they serve it with fries. This steak supposedly serves one but I believe this is good for 2 people!

So I ordered Chicken Kiev for my lunch. I haven’t tried one before so I thought of having it here in Fudge. This dish of chicken fillet has a tasty herbed butter on the inside. It’s coated with eggs and bread crumbs which gave it a crunchy texture. The butter is oozing and the overall taste is good!

Chicken Kiev Price: ₱300.00

We also ordered this refreshing Cucumber, Mint and Calamansi drink. It’s a perfect combination to our meals!

CMC Drink Price: ₱190.00

And now, the much awaited DESSERT- the famous Chocolate Lava Cake!

Lava Cake Price: ₱120.00

What made me think this is the best? It is not too sweet that will cause your throat to have “irritation.” The chocolate liquid is extremely delicious and is served in a rightful size. Also, this cake is topped with vanilla ice cream! Who wouldn’t love that?

There would be some cakes that you have tried which made you say, “oh it’s delicious but it’s a bit dry.. but it’s just too sweet.. but it’s too hard.. but it breaks when you bite it..” and all other reasons that make those cakes imperfect. But for this, I’d say there are no “buts.” It is perfectly done! It is the best Lava Cake in Cebu!

Why don’t you try it for yourself and let me know your experience! This cake costs 120 pesos but your experience indulging to your cravings wouldn’t be the same!


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