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Sunday is best when we celebrate it in prayer and with our family

Most of us work 5 days in a week and have 2 rest days to pamper ourselves and to do the what we call “catching up with life” thing. While some work 6 days in a week, having different shifts, with different rest days and can still manage to enjoy their free time.

To those who have Saturdays and Sundays to spend quality time to enjoy life, let me ask you, how do you spend it? Are you going to spend the whole time sleeping, eating or watching television? Or are you the ones who go to parties or do shopping? How about spending the Sunday with your Family, where do you usually go?

Whatever you want to do or wherever you want to go, we should never forget, that we should also offer a quality time of prayer before doing everything else.

We have diverse choices on how we are going to spend our weekends. Our choices are influenced by our beliefs and by our practices. Although the world is changing in time, like people chose to cut the old traditions and prefer the new practical ways of living, there are still some people who are inclined with living their lives the “old” way.

I don’t have intense research on cultures around the world, but I can talk about the practice of the Filipino people when it comes to celebrating Sundays.

Filipinos are known for a lot of admirable things which include our practice in spending the Sunday with our Families. I wanted to highlight this exceptional tradition.

I believe that many still prefer to spend Sunday in prayer. And I believe that Sunday is best when celebrated in prayer.

Although religions may differ from every region of this country, people still have their perfect time to spend or celebrate higher forms of prayer altogether.

Christians have the fulfillment of their Sundays through the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. And if you have gone to the Churches on Sundays and attend this celebration, you’ll notice that mostly, people are with their families.

This certifies that the practice of coming together in prayer as a whole family still subsists. Although I haven’t made a study on the frequency of the families who do this, or the number of people who practice this every year, it is still pretty obvious that this practice remains alive.

This is a very good tradition. It binds a family altogether because they spend a quality time together and also it deepens their faith as one. It shows the enormous love of a family to each one and to God. It allows them to grow together spiritually.

I believe that coming together in prayer is a powerful tool to make your family stronger. And I believe that no matter how busy we may get, we should still offer a quality time to pray and thank Him for everything we have right now.

I am proud to be a Filipino. I am proud of this tradition. And just as how my family brought us up, I am also willing to pass on this tradition to my soon to be family in the future.


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