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Hello Kitty Studio at Universal Studios Singapore

Whenever I have friends visiting Singapore, I will always suggest to have a tour with them at Universal Studios Singapore. I don’t mind visiting USS over and over again because every time I go there, there will always be fascinating and exhilarating things to do there with your friends.

Just this month, I visited USS again with my friend who currently works in Ireland. It was the first time I went there during a Christmas Season. I am absolutely convinced that it is one of the happiest places in Singapore! There are so many things that have changed and improved from the last time I went there. One of it is the Hello Kitty Studio!

This cute and pink shop sells almost everything from Hello Kitty stickers, apparels, stuff toys, cups and more!

If you’re an avid Hello Kitty fan, you’d truly love this shop. It will make you want to buy each of every kind!

Look how adorable these stuff toys are!

There’s even a 24K Hello Kitty Gold plated coin in a box – perfect as a gift!

I was thinking the whole time about my sister who loves Hello Kitty so much.

Probably I’ll get some for her too when she’s back in Singapore.

How about you, don't you find this place cute?


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