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Do you remember anything when it rains?

It has been a while since I stayed in our patio and watched the rain slowly pouring down. It has been a while since I sat there and felt the cold breeze. It has been a while since I stayed there and just looked at the surroundings. It has been a while, until today.

Here in Davao City, it has been raining for quite some time already, and erstwhile memories of my childhood run to my mind again.

Do you remember that on rainy days in your childhood years, your parents would hand you your jacket to keep you warm the whole day? I remembered my parents did that. My mom would cook the best dish and would give me a glass of warm milk. With my jacket on, I feel the coziness of this kind of weather. It’s not feeling blue. It’s not being sad. It is just like riding a boat in a tranquil ocean. It’s bliss.

During those times I can also remember that when it rains hard and that when we’re at home, my sisters and I usually go out and play under the rain. This is when I started learning how to dance in the rain. Have you tried it too? Isn’t that fun? No matter how hard the rain poured that time, it feels like it’s therapeutic. I was so happy.

I remember during my high school years, in my spare time, I used to looked outside the window. I watched how the rain poured and wonder how it can be so calm. Random thoughts also came in. Like, thinking about what to do this afternoon, how to finish the projects, or where to eat with my friends.

Also, at that time, when heavy rain pours, I learned not to perforate. My friends told me, we shall wait until it abates, before we can actually go home.

Just like in our lives, we don’t take full steps always. We don’t maintain same speed all the way. When it’s hard, when we discovered that there is something wrong, when everything seems not right at a certain point in time, it’s good to stop for a while, think hard, plan better, and then take finer steps. It’s better to be prepared than caught off-guard in the middle of nowhere.

As much as how beautiful a sunny day is, I also appreciate the exquisiteness of a rainy day.

How about you, what memories do you remember on a rainy day?


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