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The things that you missed, may be the reason why a lot of things turn out to be better

When I was still studying for my degree at the University, I didn’t have a working computer. I was overjoyed when my parents bought me a good one when I reached my senior year. So before I got that, I was seen most of the time at what we call “Internet Cafes.”

I spend approximately an average of 3 hours per day in a shop.

Often, I can see gamers too. (I think I am using someone’s spot).

I can still recall that the shop nearest to my school was always full. So, I have to walk a few blocks to another University. There’s this tiny Internet Cafe that I discovered with my friends.

It’s too cramped, the aircon was not that good, but I didn’t mind.

I have internet and a computer - I can do my work.

I always carry around 2 to 3 USB drives with updated copies of my work.

Do you know why?

Because my files always get corrupted.

Because I use computers everywhere.

I wouldn’t say that experience was pretty hard.

But I’d say when times are rough, I am always determined to do better.

People know that I graduated from University with flying colors and awards. But they don’t know the struggles that came with it.

The late-night studies.

The need to be emotionally stable.

The discipline to manage my schedule.

The parties that I missed.

The movies, games, novels, books, other interests that I didn’t spend much time exploring.

A lot of things that I missed.

But a lot of things turned out to be the better.

Years passed, I have the chance now to explore more interests.

Years passed, I am glad how things are now.

Keep grinding.

Keep thriving.

Keep working to get that dream!


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