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How to Overcome Writer’s Block?

It is prevalent that when you try to write an essay, script, or an article, you sometimes experience writer’s block. Even the noblest authors will go through this condition as well. On Master Class’ website, Writer’s Block is defined as “a phenomenon experienced by writers that is best described as an overwhelming feeling of being stuck in the writing process without the ability to move forward and write anything new.” Sometimes, we thought we already know how to start or proceed with our essay, but when we begin, we end up writing nothing.

Writing is my hobby and I always love expressing my thoughts and emotions through articles, stories, and write-ups. Even though I managed to practice a lot, I can still experience writer’s block.

Is this normal? Yes! How do others overcome this?

Based on my experience, here are the 5 simple steps that I do to overcome writer’s block.

1. Spend time for a break

When you realize that you are unable to write anything, it is time to have a break. Put down your pen. Take a deep breath. Go for a walk or have your coffee! When you do this, you can stop the cycle of feeling compelled to write something.

New ideas will come but take this time to clear your mind from anything!

2. Make a List

After your worthwhile break, you will now understand how to begin writing. A flow of topics will come into your mind! To avoid feeling overwhelmed, write these ideas down. This will help you narrow down your pool of ideas on what to write or how to proceed with writing. This will also serve as your guide in writing your script or essay.

3. Ask for Advice

Asking for advice or seeking a discussion with a friend really helps! This can give you a new perspective on the things that you want to talk about. If you have concerns about your writing style, you can also ask a friend or a professional for any advice and tips. On this step, you can also take the time to do proper research on the topic that you wish to discuss in your article.

4. Speak your Thoughts

Another technique that I do in order to overcome writer’s block is I try to talk aloud my thoughts about the things that I want to write. I felt that this is easier for me to bring out the ideas that I have rather than to start writing them right away.

To do this, pretend that you are talking to someone or to an audience. Just talk about the topic that you have chosen. You will then see yourself discussing a lot of things! When this happens, remember to jot it down to guide you in writing your article or essay.

5. Have the courage to start writing

Now, after you have done steps one to four, it is now time to start penning!

Afraid to commit mistakes? Start writing!

Afraid to have grammatical errors? Start writing!

Afraid to use the wrong words? Start writing!

By the moment you finish, you will have the time to review it. By that time, you will have the chance to correct your mistakes. You can improve your grammar and you can replace the words misused. It all starts with beginning to write!

In addition, practicing will also help you get used to starting or proceeding with writing.

So, when you experience writer’s block, you simply -

S - Spend time for a break

M - Make a list

A - Ask for advice

S - Speak your thoughts

H - Have the courage to start writing

You SMASH the block!

It goes the same in life. When you feel like you are in an unending cycle or when you feel like you are not going anywhere – you SMASH the block!

Spend time for a break

Make a list of your plans

Ask for advice from your family and friends

Speak your thoughts

Have the courage to move forward and try something new!

So always remember these fun and easy steps to overcome writer’s block or any obstacles that we may face in our daily lives.


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