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Steps to get rid of dust at home

Updated: May 12, 2020

After long hours of work, you would love to go home to a place that is safe, pleasant and serene. A home like this constitutes a lot of factors which include cleanliness. A clean home makes your place cozier and more comfortable to stay. It also helps improve your health. Certainly, cleaning up your home is a tedious task especially when getting rid of dust - it just keeps coming back.

Although there is no chance of having 100% dust-free home, here are the steps that can help you get rid most of it:

1) Get rid of the carpet

Even though carpets make your home look nice as it adds life to your crib, the carpet can accumulate the most dust at home. It requires a thorough cleaning routine every week or even every day. Unless you have so much time that you can dedicate to these routines, you can totally get rid of it instead.

2) Wash your window curtain every week

Your window curtains can also be the culprit in making your home dusty. Same with carpets, curtains gather dust as time goes by. Thus, you need to change and wash it every week. Make sure that when you do this, you also clean your windowpane.

3) Change your bed covers every week

Our beds and pillows at home are all anti-dust mite. Dust mites love to dwell in pillows and mattresses. To avoid this, ensure that you wash your pillows regularly and you wash your bed covers every week. You also need to re-asses if you need to change your mattresses at home.

4) Mop the floor regularly

If you got rid of the carpet like me, it is vital that you mop the floor regularly. This makes the room cleaner by taking out the dust resting on the floor.

5) Wipe your tabletops, desks and all other surfaces

Whenever you clean, ensure that your tables tops or other surfaces are cleaned too. Apart from the floor, the dust rests in those areas as well.

6) Use Air Purifiers

I really recommend having an Air Purifier at home, especially inside your bedroom. It filters your air inside the room which gives you better sleep. Air Purifiers are not those Air Humidifiers - please take note that these two are different. Also, having an air-conditioned room is not sufficient to purify your air in the room.

With these easy steps I can ascertain that in no time you won't be sneezing or coughing due to dust in your home. This also allows you to stay indoors comfortably.


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