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So SHIOK! Starbucks Singapore offers Blended Strawberry Frap!

Starbucks offers exclusive and limited-edition drinks in Singapore! From July 15, you Brown Sugar Boba Gem Cake, Ondeh Ondeh Mousse Cake, Milo Dinosaur Cake, and Impossible Rendang Pie!

SHIOK-Ah-Ccino Strawberry Delight Frappuccino by Starbucks

That's right! This is the SHIOK-Ah-Ccino Strawberry Delight Frappuccino made from real strawberries!

I'm a fan of Starbucks and whenever they have fresh offers, I will absolutely give it a try! For this limited-edition drink, you'll get a free drink holder when you order the Venti size! Isn't it cute?

SHIOK LAH! Free Drink Holder

You also can get to enjoy the Peach Cloud with Jelly and Chocolate Granola Banana Yogurt Frappuccino.

Chocolate Granola Banana Yogurt Frappuccino by Starbucks

The enticing menu doesn't end there! They also have Singapore-inspired dishes such as Brown Sugar Boba Gem Cake, Ondeh Ondeh Mousse Cake, Milo Dinosaur Cake and Impossible Rendang Pie!

Brown Sugar Boba Gem Cake

Brown Sugar Boba Gem Cake by Starbucks

Ondeh Ondeh Mousse Cake

Ondeh Ondeh Mousse Cake by Starbucks

Milo Dinosaur Cake

Milo Dinosaur Cake by Starbucks

Impossible Rendang Pie

Impossible Rendang Pie by Starbucks

These special delights are in the light of celebrating Singapore's National Day on August 9!

So hurry, grab yours now!

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