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5 Ideas on Setting Up Your Ideal Home Office

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

With the current changes in our lives brought about by the COVID-19, all of us have to adapt to these changes. These include going out only to do the essential tasks, practice social distancing and to some, working from home. Others might be new to working from home and thus find this challenging. That is why, it is imperative to make the necessary steps in creating a conducive space at home to do work.

We can always think of ingenious and creative ways to achieve this: either we find that spot or we create that corner.

Ensuring you have a conducive place at home for your work is critical in completing your tasks. Whether you are doing a remote job or merely doing your personal projects over the weekend, it is vital that you have a special place that you can comfortably finish all your duties on time.

Here are the 5 tips in choosing and making your home conducive for work:

1) Choose a space that is comfortable

A comfortable place means a space that is appropriate and convenient for you to do work. This means that your chair and table must support your long hours of working. In addition, this also means that you have enough space to carry out your duties.

You should also consider the room temperature and ventilation. This can help you concentrate on your tasks. Take note that if the place is too warm or too cold, you'll end up being distracted and thus you will be wasting time looking for another spot.

A comfortable set up means you won’t get disrupted by any external factor such as noise. Each person has different preferences in working from home, so see to it that if you are looking for your ideal work space, it is the best possible set up that you can get.

2) Choose adequate lighting

As much as possible, choose an area that is near a window. Natural light can give you the right mood for you to do your work and also it can save you from paying high electricity bills. However, make sure it isn't too bright as you might get a migraine due to eye strain.

Sufficient lighting allows you to see your materials and tools immediately - whether these are the details on your papers, your pens or your drawings. In addition, this makes you ready all the time for an immediate video meeting.

3) Don't choose a boring spot

A boring spot is deadly. It can make you feel drained easily and it will hinder you from finishing your tasks on time. Ensure that there are charming things around you that can inspire you to work. Say for example, you have some plants around, family photos or photos of your goals. A handwritten inspirational quote will work well too!

Different types of people have different styles on working at home. Some can carry out duties while sitting beside their children who are studying online. Some people prefer this as they can carry out two responsibilities at the same time.

4) Be minimalist

Avoid cluttering your work space. A clean work desk can give you enough space for you to do your work. It can also set your mood to be productive. It makes things easier to move. It does not distract you from anything.

Although this can be challenging to many of us, it is advisable that we have a clean space to do our work. It just don’t help us perform our tasks easily but it can also ensure that we can work safely.

With whatever challenges there can be, we can find better ways on creating that space. One example is we can organise our belongings and store those that we rarely use. Through this, we can create the much needed space for us to do our work.

After your tasks are done, the work place at home must be clean at all times so that you will be inspired to complete your duties every day. And if you are using the dining table, you can keep your things in an orderly manner so by the next day, you can get to work swiftly without losing anything from your things.

5) Establish a personal work space

A personal touch on setting up your perfect work space at home is essential. It makes you feel lively while working. An example could be a plant or your favourite stuffed toy. Also, make sure that you don't get distracted by it and it will not mess your desk. Having the right combination and balance can definitely make your work space at home a perfect place to be productive.

Haven't found the spot yet? Reading articles and scanning through magazines will also help. You can also make that spot yourself. All you have to do is to rethink how to organise your home.


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