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5 places to visit in an Afternoon in Cebu

If you are in Cebu and you have no plans on how to spend your afternoon, let me give you these 5 places to hang around to relish travelling.

What you need:

You need to have your own means of transportation. 

Since it is just an “afternoon”  to spend, you do not want to waste your time waiting for taxis or changing Jeepneys just to reach your destination.

There are a lot of cars for rent in Cebu. You can check it online. 


Ensure that you have a camera to capture the best moments! You would not want to miss to take marvelous shots when visiting places. Pictures will bring back good memories of your experiences.

Your silly gang.

It is great to travel with your friends – you get to see wonderful places and you get to create memories with them!

1st stop: SM Seaside Cebu

Photo of SM Seaside Cebu from SM Supermalls Website

SM Seaside Cebu is an enormous mall, perhaps comparable to Singapore’s Vivo City, with a cube as its notable sight. It is located at Antuwanga, Cebu City, Cebu.

You’ll definitely need more hours if you want to stroll or wander all shops inside.

What can you do there?

Of course, shopping! You can also dine at any of their fancy restaurants, or, you might want to visit Cat Cafe!

Apart from that, you can also go Ice Skating! Yes, this mall has a skating rink where you can practice your ice skating skills and have your freezing adventure with your friends!

Their rates are shown below:

More of SM Seaside’s Skating rates and promos can be found at their website (http://smskatingrink.com/rates-and-packages).

If it is your first time, I guess, an hour of enjoying a cool adventure is just right.

2nd stop: Fort San Pedro or Fuente de San Pedro (Spanish)

We haven’t spent much time while we were there, but this place is a thought-provoking destination and a fascinating place especially to those people who like Philippine History.

“This is a military defense structure in Cebu and is considered as the oldest triangular bastion in the Philippines. It was built under the command of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi.  It was originally made of wood and it was soon replaced with stone in the 17th century,” (Wikipedia).

More of its history are displayed inside the museum.