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Life’s a beautiful thing

Just as how beautiful this flower is, we should realize then that we have more than billion reasons to appreciate the beauty of life.

Are you feeling so down at this moment, that you thought that you have the worst life? Are you mad to the world which you thought gave you so much pain right now? Are you feeling so alone that you thought no one is willing enough to be with you?

If your answer is yes, then you have to change your perspective.

Life as we know it so unpredictable. We may decide what routine we are going to take everyday, but there are also a lot of things that happen in our lives which are beyond our reach. What we can only do is how to react to these phenomena. We can choose what to feel, and that is what I can be certain about.

The moment that you experience such tremendous event in your life, we can’t deny the fact that often, we are driven by our emotions. But we can choose whether to stay with that feeling or move on and choose something better.

Say for instance, a failure. Failing is an implausible event. An unlikely one. Nobody wants to fail, but it happens to each one of us. However it doesn’t mean that you are the worst or that you haven’t made anything right. Think of it as a purposeful way of leading you to where you should be. I am not saying that you have to self-handicap in order to stay away from the responsibility of making an effort to surpass a test and to stay away from the consequences of failing, but rather take failure as a lesson which you have to learn to make you become a better person.

Life is a beautiful thing. And if you feel sad about the same thing, remember the line - "a joke said for so many times isn’t funny as much as it is being said for the first time, but how come we cry over the same thing, over and over again?"

Change your perspective. It always helps.


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