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5 Things to get ready for a Cruise Trip

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Going for a cruise is one of the best options on how to spend your vacation. And once you have tried it, you will surely keep coming back for more. It took me years to go and try Cruisin' because I thought, it's kinda boring. But I was wrong. It is exhilarating and totally not dull! There are so many activities waiting for you and that cruise is just like a paradise!

I will be sharing my experience on our 4 nights Cruise Trip from Singapore to Phuket, Thailand on a separate blog post. But for now, I want to help you consider going for a cruise as an option to use your vacation leaves.

If this is your first time to go for a cruise, let me enlighten you on the certain things to put into consideration in preparing for your trip aside from all the other vacation necessities.

1 – Know your Cruise Schedule

You should first know your cruise's schedule - when to depart and when you arrive at your destination. Through this, you will be able to plan your itinerary painstakingly. You'll know when is the best time to check in and to leave the ship. You will also come upon some local events happening at your destination that you might want to attend.

This cruise schedule also includes the cruise events. It is best that you do some research on the schedule online to give you an idea on some of the activities or shows in the cruise.

Most cruise schedules are available on their official websites.

2 – Prepare your Itinerary

Itinerary is imperative when you go for a vacation. Also, you should always have a Plan B to your schedule. Say for instance, if it rains, what shall you do? Or if you took your lunch late, where will you head after? This will make your stay worth it. You wouldn't regret missing most of the fun activities and shows in the cruise.

The Voyage of A Lover's Dream

Award-winning signature show of Genting Dream. A mysterious story with a mermaid and an astronaut that will transport you into different worlds.

The itinerary shall also include your time for rest, for example, at what time will you be going back to your suite on day 1. And if you like to go for a dip in the pool, it helps to plan which is the best time to do it.

3 – Get your Wardrobe Ready

Yep! This is not only meant for ladies but also for gentlemen as well. We should dress up according to the occasion. Believe me, you wouldn't want to be in a sports attire for a fine dining event. There are night parties too in the cruise and you wouldn't like to attend these in pajamas, right?

ZOUK Night Club, Genting Dream

Also, for high class performances, outdoor activities, swimming and others, you should have your set of clothes ready for those.

4 – Know the Cruise Amenities

Knowing your cruise amenities can also help you with your itinerary. For example, if you don't want to go for any events, you can go for golf, archery and other activities.

Arcade in the cruise.

You can also go and watch movies outdoor at night! It is so lovely!

5 – Bring along some Pocket Money; local currency

If you have plans to roam around in the country of your destination, definitely you should prepare some pocket money in the local currency. This will save your time to look around to have your bills exchanged. Plus, you have enough time to get the best rates!

And these are a few tips on how to get ready for a cruise trip. Remember to prepare as well the other vacation essentials!


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